From Our Customers

I ordered Coughcatchers for my fourth grade class. The kids really loved using them, and it really seemed to make a difference. Colds didn't spread like wildfire this year!
Jessica L., Sioux Falls, SD
I have never used a Coughcatcher, but I sat on an airplane from Chicago next to a lady who was coughing her head off. I mean I was SURE I was screwed. She kept using this thing, and I never felt like I got sprayed. Two weeks later, I ordered a box, because I NEVER GOT SICK! I'm a believer.
Jon P., Anaheim, CA
I used a Coughcatcher at work, and all my coworkers were impressed. I was confident that I was keeping my cough and sneezes "to myself."
Teresa J., Durham, NC
I drive a taxi and I pass out Coughcatchers all the time. For about a buck, I keep from getting sick over and over. I never run out!
Jorge L., Detroit, MI
Maybe I am a little paranoid, but I have been carrying Coughcatchers in my purse pocket for 6 months. It paid off twice - once on an airplane and once sitting in a meeting. Both times I'm sure I would have gotten sick. I felt like an angel giving these sick people a way to cover their coughs. They felt so guilty that they were actually grateful.
Latonya S., New York, NY